List of Planets in Our Solar System: By Order and Size

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We live in a multiverse consisting of billions of galaxies, uncountable stars, and planets. Our home earth is a part of one such galaxy called the Milky Way.

Our solar system includes the Sun, Planets, dwarf planets, moons, stars, and many more space stuff. All are different in size and far away from the Sun and our home planet Earth.

There is a lot more to talk about this universe and other galaxies but let’s come to the point. In this blog post, we will talk about the list of planets in our solar system in order of size, and from the Sun and Earth.

List of Planets by Orders

SNPlanet NameDistance from the Sun (in kilometers)
1Mercury57.9 million km
2Venus108.2 million km
3Earth149.6 million km
4Mars227.9 million km
5Jupiter778.6 million km
6Saturn1.43 billion km
7Uranus2.88 billion km
8Neptune4.50 billion km
9Pluto (Dwarf Planet )5.9 billion km

*Note: The distance from the Sun is approximate and can vary on the orbits of the planets.

List of Planets by Size

SNPlanet NameDiameter (in kilometers)
1Mercury4,880 km
2Mars6,779 km
3Venus12,104 km
4Earth12,742 km
5Neptune49,244 km
6Uranus50,724 km
7Jupiter139,822 km
8Saturn116,464 km
9Pluto (Dwarf Planet )2,376 km

List of Planets by Distance from the Earth

SNPlanet NameDistance from Earth (in kilometers)
1Moon384,400 km
2Venus41.4 million km
3Mars54.6 million km
4Mercury77.3 million km
5Sun150 million km
5Jupiter365 million km
6Saturn1.2 billion km
7Uranus2.57 billion km
8Neptune4.3 billion km
9Pluto4.28 billion km


From the compact, rocky terrain of Mercury to the colossal gas giants like Jupiter, each planet offers its own unique characteristics. If we have missed something here, please let us know in the comment section.

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