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We’re looking for creative writers to provide fresh content for our readers at Listopology. Our audience spans various interests, including sports, entertainment, marketing, health, and technology.

If you’d like to contribute to our blogging community, check out our guidelines:

  1. Who Can Write for Us?

    If you love writing and can cover topics in sports, entertainment, marketing, health, or technology, you’re welcome to contribute.
  2. Article Guidelines:

    Take a look at our published articles to understand the kind of content we prefer. We particularly enjoy listicles that add value.
    • We prefer list-type articles such as “Top 10,” “Top 20,” etc.
    • Articles should be 800+ words in length.
    • No keyword stuffing allowed.
    • Include 1 or 2 external links (open in a new tab) and 1 internal link to a relevant post.
    • Add images (with Alt text) to all sub-headings, and provide image sources.
    • Sign up as an author to submit content under your profile or email your content.
    • Check our previous posts for formatting style.
    • All external links will be dofollow. For sponsored posts or direct advertising, contact us via email.
    • We reserve the right to make necessary changes to published content.
    • Published content should not be reposted elsewhere on the web, but you can share the live link on social media.
  3. Submitting and Review Process:
    • Please allow 24-48 hours for content review.
    • If your content is pending, do not publish it elsewhere.
    • If your content is moved to TRASH, it does not meet our submission guidelines, and you’re free to use it elsewhere.

Feel free to send your article to us at listopology@gmail.com after carefully reading and following our guidelines. You can also submit your request by filling below form:

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